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Stone • Sound • Traditional Knowledge

David R. Maracle has been crafting his artistry since 1985 and is from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. Bringing to life the ancestral teachings of the Haudenosaunee People’s ways of life into his magnificent Stone Carvings. With every piece being unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, he has sold his carvings to many corporations, and private collectors alike. Including that of the Estate of the Late Nelson Mandela, the Emperor of Japan, and many other famous collectors own a piece of his work. His creations have been featured on cheques across Canada and have helped to encourage Indigenous Youth across the country to follow their dreams with their talents. When David was not carving in his studio, he turned to another career in the form of meditation. Not only is he a World Renown Sculptor of Stone, David has released over 17 Musical compilations and albums over the years. He has received two Gold Records from the Recording Industry RIAA, for his world ambient sounds of the Iroquoian Flute and Multi-Instrumental fusion of sounds. David has mastered rare world instruments over the last 18 years. David has also won various Canadian Aboriginal Music awards over his diverse Musical career. He has performed his beautiful ambient music all over the world, including recently Austria, Pakistan, Holland, at the Olympics in Australia, and even to the Queen on her Silver Jubilee anniversary in Parliament. David has been giving back to children in various communities, bringing his Indigenous teachings, culture, and art in the form of Traditional knowledge workshops; Medicine Wheel Teachings, Iroquoian Flute Teachings, as well as Earth & Air Teachings to many communities across Canada and recently in Lahore, Pakistan. He is a role model for youth, in the Arts and Music Industry and a humanitarian who stands for Indigenous peoples rights and awareness in a kind and generous manner. Listen to David's Music Apple Music
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