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Lillian's Crafts features hand-crafted quill boxes artwork and prints crafted by First Nation artists including Leland Bell, Stanley Panamick, Steven John, Duncan Pheasant and B. Gourlx. Lillian's is a major purchaser and distributor of locally produced fine arts and crafts. The crafts are hand made from local natural materials such as birch bark, leather, sweet grass, porcupine quills etc. Products include birch bark canoes & teepees, dream catchers, ash baskets, moccasins, mukluks, porcupine quill baskets, leather bracelets, leather apparel, beaded earring & accessories, pendleton pattern fleece blankets (small & large), traditional Regalia pieces and many more unique crafts.

Lillian's also has a museum that features large porcupine quill baskets, pottery, beadwork, antler carvings and art from local Manitoulin artists. Caribou tufting, fish scale art and birchbark bitings are from the North. There are on-site video displays of porcupine quill basket making from start to finish, various styles of beadwork, pow wow dance styles, drumming and grand entry.
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Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

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